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The heart shouldn’t always have what it so desires...

Avery Potter is restless. She’s at a crossroads and has no idea what is missing in her life. At twenty-seven Avery decides to enrol at University, she has a perfect boyfriend but she doesn’t feel content. There’s still something missing; someone missing.

Lawson Ace is perfection. Avery has wanted him from the moment she met him but there is one small problem; he’s married. Avery knows Lawson is off limits and she tries to keep her distance but there’s a spark between them that keeps drawing them together.

Avery is fighting a battle; a battle she is determined to win. It’s okay to admire Lawson from afar, there’s really nothing wrong with that but what happens when he becomes real? Avery knows she cannot have what she craves but it doesn’t stop her from wanting something that is not hers. Lawson Ace is potent and addictive and the further she pulls away from him the closer they end up together.

Will Avery continue down the dark path she finds herself on or will she see the light?

UK Not Mine

USA Not Mine

He wants her love, her respect and her trust...

Emily Taylor is broken. She lives a desolate, monotonous life and keeps all social interactions to a minimum. Emily is damaged beyond repair but has accepted her lot. Her love, her life, her very being revolves around one significant person; her five year old daughter Faith.

Emily does not notice men but Mason White is no ordinary man. He terrifies and excites her all at the same time. Emily knows she should stay away. Her past is a constant reminder of all the bad decisions she has ever made but she is drawn to him in a way she never thought was possible.

Mason is sexy, charming and the white knight Emily hadn’t realised she was waiting for. He’s perfect; too perfect for Emily’s damaged soul. Emily’s dark past has dictated her life so far but will she let it dictate her future? Her nightmares are catching up with her and the images are becoming distorted.

Mason is the epitome of perfection but can she really Trust in him?

UK Trust in Him

USA Trust in Him

Obsession is destructive, Love is fearless...

Scarlett knew what she was doing was wrong. Every fibre of her being was telling her she was making a mistake but she had to have him. Ethan Wright has awoken a side of Scarlett she never knew existed. She can’t give him up. She won’t.

The normally strait-laced Scarlett is breaking all the rules but she will do anything for the man she loves. Ethan is arrogant, self assured and everything she should hate in a man but she’s drawn to him and once she has given into temptation there is no going back.

Scarlett is Ethan’s obsession and she couldn’t walk away from him even if she wanted to. Everything is conspiring to keep them apart but they will not win. Not her concerned family, her work colleagues who all think she is a slut or even Ethan’s wife. Scarlett’s affair with her married boss is her downfall but she doesn’t care. Her fate is sealed and she accepts it. She’s powerless to stop it. Scarlett is that cliché. She is the other woman.

UK The Other Woman

USA The Other Woman

The wait is finally over...

Liv has been counting down the months, weeks, minutes until her long over-due holiday to Mexico with her boyfriend Adam. While Liv is imagining romantic strolls along the beach and a proposal of marriage, Adam has other ideas.

As a single parent Becky's life is organised and run to military precision. Her formidable sister Claire is determined to show Becky there is more to life than working hard.

Both women's lives are thrown into chaos. Trapped in paradise with no escape. Will their lives ever be the same again?

UK The Mexican Experience

USA The Mexican Experience

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