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A Killer's Wife by Victor Methos

When I was looking for my next read, the title of this book immediately captured my attention. I read the synopsis and I knew it was one I wouldn't want to miss. What can I say? Wow!

Fourteen years ago, prosecutor Jessica Yardley’s husband went to prison for a series of brutal murders. She’s finally created a life with her daughter and is a well-respected attorney. She’s moving on. But when a new rash of homicides has her ex-husband, Eddie, written all over them—the nightmares of her past come back to life.

The FBI asks Jessica to get involved in the hunt for this copycat killer—which means visiting her ex and collaborating with the man who tore her life apart.

As the copycat’s motives become clearer, the new life Jessica created for herself gets darker. She must ask herself who she can trust and if she’s capable of stopping the killer—a man whose every crime is a bloody valentine from a twisted mastermind she’s afraid she may never escape.

My Review

4 / 5

Jessica Yardley's life was permanently scarred when she found out the husband she adored was a serial killer. The story starts with Eddie already in prison for his crimes but I love the flashbacks. Jessica was completely unaware of Eddie's extra-curricular activities. He was a loving, charming man and even over the years Jessica has had time to reflect, she is still dumbfounded over the person he really is.

The copycat killings occur months before Eddie is due to be executed. Jessica has not laid eyes on her ex-husband since the evening she found out who he really was. She works with him to catch the copycat killer but this reopens all the old wounds that had hap-haphazardly healed. Jessica believes he is the stereotypical serial killer but he tells her he's not and he did in fact love her and still does.

The story line is gripping. Jessica is a strong character after what she has been through. There is a part of her that is terrified that their daughter is going to end up like Eddie. The only reason I didn't score this story as a five is because I immediately guessed who the copy cat killer was. There was a twist at the end that I loved, which is why the rating is a solid 4.

Methos expertly pulls the reader into the mind and motivations of a serial killer. Both Eddie and the copycat killer are intricate characters and truly unique. This is the first novel I have read of Methos and it certainly will not be the last. The story was gripping and I would highly recommend!

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