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Everyday Lies by Louise Guy

The title of the novel was what initially drew me in. How many people are guilty of telling small everyday lies? How many would admit to telling everyday lies?

At first glance Emma and Lucie seem very different, but they share an unspeakable vice. Beautiful, wealthy Emma appears to have it all with a loving husband and a seemingly successful life, but a restless craving has driven her to foolish actions.

Meanwhile, young widow Lucie is struggling to make ends meet while coping with a troubled five-year-old.

When the law catches up with them they soon discover what they have in common: they lie. A lot.

Punished with community service, Emma and Lucie form an intense friendship, finding an unlikely third ally in Florrie, a septuagenarian who offers wise words and a shoulder to cry on.

But the lies don’t stop. They are hiding their misdemeanours from their loved ones and neither want their shame to come to light. As these unhealthy relationships drive them towards destruction, can they survive the fallout from their deceptions or will their lies destroy everything they love the most?

My Review

3 / 5

I only found out later that this is the first story of a series of four. This is a standalone and each book has a different story and characters.

As I stated early on, I was drawn in by the title and I liked the concept of the story. Emma and Lucie are very different characters on the surface and if it hadn't been for the community service, they wouldn't have become friends.

Emma is a bored housewife. Her husband doesn't want her to work and seems rather controlling. As the story develops, Guy seems to backtrack a bit because Emma's relationship with her husband doesn't appear to be very healthy but somewhere along the line Daniel's character changes. I can't say I was a fan of this development. The reasons for his controlling behaviour isn't an adequate explanation in my opinion. Emma is a kleptomaniac but her urges completely disappear after she is caught. Would this really happen?

Lucie has experienced great tragedy having lost her husband a few years ago. She is struggling with her grief and buries her feelings deeply, her everyday lies are mainly to herself. She can't accept that she cannot move on and this is having a disastrous impact on her relationship with her son.

I liked the bonds Emma, Lucie and Florrie developed. They each had qualities which were needed in the other. The concept drew me in which is why I have rated this book as a three but it fell a little short in order to gain a higher rating. The story wasn't predictable but there was no great reveal or surprise either. Lucie's story was gripping but it could have been grittier. I can't say anymore without spoiling anything. I liked aspects of Emma's story but overall was left feeling a bit disappointed.

I would recommend the book although I probably wouldn't read it again. If you would like to purchase you can do so by clicking the link below or clicking the image.

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