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Kindle Unlimited

This review is noticeably different from any other I have done so far. I am not reviewing a book but a platform.

About Kindle Unlimited

A subscription to Kindle Unlimited gives you access to borrow from a large selection of titles without due dates.

Use your Amazon account to borrow up to 10 eligible Kindle Unlimited titles at a time. Kindle Unlimited titles display a badge in the Kindle Store for easy identification. Access borrowed titles from your Amazon device or Kindle reading app, even while traveling.

If you haven't tried Kindle Unlimited before, you can sign up for a free trial. At the end of your free trial, you're automatically upgraded to a monthly paid subscription plan.

To use Kindle Unlimited, you must have an Amazon account with a current, valid payment method and you must have 1-Click enabled.

My Review

5 / 5

I don’t want to appear, in any way biased. I will openly admit that all of my books are enrolled on kindle unlimited. I haven’t given the platform a rating of 5 because of this. I am looking at this purely from a reader’s perspective.

I subscribed to kindle unlimited a few months ago. As many readers, I found myself downloading so many books every month which was starting to take a hit at the bank. I decided to try the free month’s subscription and cancel if I wasn’t totally satisfied. I have kept the subscription and here are the reasons why.

There is a huge selection of books to choose and from all different genres. I like how my kindle suggests books that I might like, even though the choices might not be spot on. Magazine subscriptions are also included in the deal.

I can read to my heart’s content without worrying about how much I am spending each month on books. I know I read far more than the monthly subscription amount.

I know some people have queried the quality of the books available on kindle unlimited and don’t get me wrong there are some books I have read on there that I really have not enjoyed but that’s the risk you take with whatever book you choose to purchase. I have read so many books on kindle unlimited that I have thoroughly enjoyed and I have found myself going back to specific writers that I didn’t know existed before.

If you want established authors who already have publishers then this platform really isn’t for you. Kindle Unlimited offers a chance for indie authors to get noticed. I personally feel that the subscription is worth every penny and I will continue to read and enjoy all that the subscription has to offer.

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