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Lie to me by Natasha Preston

My love for romance is strong and I really wanted to connect with this book more than I did. This isn’t my first read from Natasha Preston and perhaps that’s where my problem really lies. I loved the Silence series and this, unfortunately did not come up to par.

At nineteen, Savannah Dean escaped her family, leaving behind a note and the people who caused her so much pain. Now, she lives on her own and keeps to herself. At nineteen, Kent Lawson’s girlfriend betrayed him, leaving him behind with a broken heart and a whole lot of mistrust in women. Now, he lives on his own and shares himself with nearly every pretty thing that walks by but only for one night. When Savannah and Kent meet, they can’t stand each other. Kent knows she’s hiding something, and he despises liars. And Savannah has nothing but secrets.

My Review

2.5 / 5

I struggled to write this review, mainly because the story does have some good qualities but it wasn’t quite enough for me to rate the book any higher than I have given. Maybe I am unfairly comparing the story to Preston’s previous work but I found the story lacked the grittiness or emotion I have encountered in her other novels.

Lie to me revolves around Savannah and Kent. Savannah is carrying around so much baggage for her age and Kent cannot stand lies. They are attracted to one another but mask it with insults and denial. I liked the chemistry between them but I could see where the story was going from early on. I don’t expect the romance novels I read to be far out unpredictable but I felt this story was always going to lead down the path it did. I was waiting for it to happen the entire way through. I don’t want to say too much and ruin the plotline for anyone who might want to read this book. There was a twist at the end but it seemed a little far out to make up for the fact that the story was entirely predictable.

In short, I really wanted to like this book more than I did. It wouldn’t put me off from reading more from Natasha Preston because she is a brilliant author; I just felt this book was a little disappointing compared to some of her other work. This is only my opinion and I have read many others which disagree. If you would like to decide for yourself, then you can purchase the book from the link below.

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