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Say You're Sorry by Karen Rose

I have read so many of Karen Rose’s novels that I have lost count. I loved the mix of gore and romance. The last few of Rose’s stories have been a bit disappointing for me but this one has me firmly hooked again.

There is a serial killer on the loose, preying on vulnerable women. The only identifiable mark the killer leaves are letters—sometimes one, sometimes two—all carved into the torsos of his victims. Together they spell “Sydney.”

When he grabs Daisy Dawson, he believes he has found his next victim. But despite her small stature, she fights back with an expertise that quickly frees her. Before fleeing the scene, Daisy also manages to grab what proves to be crucial evidence: a necklace from around the killer’s neck.

The necklace is more than a trivial item—it is a link to a cold case that Special Agent Gideon Reynolds has been tracking for seventeen years. With Daisy’s help, Gideon finally has the opportunity to get closer to the truth than ever before.

But they might not get the chance, as the serial killer has a new target: Gideon and Daisy.

My Review

4 / 5

This is the first story in the Sacramento series. Rose does extremely well to interlink and keep the series going while paving the way for new stories. I have been reading Rose’s novels for years. I used to anticipate every new release but then started to find some of the storylines very similar. I don’t necessarily mean the plotline but more of the formula Rose uses to write her books. I found myself correctly guessing where some of the stories were going to go. I am really pleased with this latest release.

Daisy and Gideon are strong characters and I was eager to learn more about them. Their characters are complex but this added to the appeal of the book. The book was gripping and had me on the edge of my seat.

Rose had me gripped from the start. I like how she captures the minds of the serial killers in her novels and this one is no exception. I adored the balance of thriller and romance. Personally, I think Rose is back at her best!

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