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The Insignificance of You by Tammy Robinson

Hi Everyone, I felt compelled to include this book in my blog. The narrative is different from what I normally enjoy but this is why I found myself drawn to the story.

“You’re thinking about kissing me,” he says perceptively. “What?” I stammer, thrown. “No I’m not.” “Aren’t you?” “No!” “Are you sure about that?” “Yes.” “Weird,” he says. “You had that look on your face.” “What look?” “The same one I feel when I look at you.”

After the death of her father when she was twelve years old, Skye Levene finds it easier to stick to her daily routine and keep her heart firmly closed against love. Without love, there is no possibility for hurt. At least so she thinks.

However, when she falls off the edge of a cliff and is saved by the mysterious Tai, routine goes out the window and suddenly she’s feeling things she never even knew were possible. Tai, fascinating, funny and sexy as hell, has his own burdens to bear, the reason why he’s camping out in the old abandoned lighthouse on the top of the cliff.

As snow falls and winter deepens, he introduces her to new experiences; card games, hot chocolate and the magic of stargazing. Most of all, he introduces her to love.

But when his past catches up with them, Skye is left wondering whether love is worth risking your heart for after all.

My Review

4 / 5

I don’t normally get drawn into a book by its title but the Insignificance of you, was the exception. It felt weighted and I found myself downloading the book purely for this reason.

Skye is still dealing with the loss of her father when Tai enters her life. Their interactions are sweet but it is their lives, rather than their love story which kept me turning the page.

The story is straightforward and I found myself enjoying how the story was written more than the actual story itself. This isn’t a criticism; far from it. Robinson created such beautifully clear descriptions which made me want to read more. The story was exquisite and I didn’t know where the story was going to go until the end.

As I have mentioned, this is not my normal type of read but I am really glad I did. I would certainly recommend this book and look out for more of Tammy Robinson’s work in the future.

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