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The Light to my Darkness by Ivy Smoak

This is the first book in a three part series. I am reviewing only the first book. The synopsis drew me into this book. The few short sentences were intriguing. I made one colossal mistake before I began reading; I didn't read any of the other reviews which were published about this series.

I fell in love with the handsome stranger the first time I ever saw him. A chance encounter on a rainy fall day. And I know he felt the same way. Until suddenly…he didn’t.

In the blink of an eye, I lost everything. He stays out late. Hides phone calls. But what hurts the most? He looks at me differently. Like I’m no longer the most important person in his life.

I’m determined to get to the bottom of it. Because it’s not just me I have to protect anymore. And it’s because of him that we’re in danger…

My Review

2.5 / 5

I debated long and hard over my rating. There was so much potential, so many great characters but I felt totally lost. There was this whole life and series of events which occurred that I had no idea about. At first I thought, okay so perhaps the book will venture to and from the past and present. This didn't happen. I felt cheated as though there was a whole story I was missing and I was right; I was missing an entire different series. I thought this was a serious lapse of judgement on my part and I couldn't rate the book negatively for my own foolishness but then I realised that it doesn't say anywhere that this is part of a different series and it is advisable that you read the other books before you attempt to read this one. How is the reader meant to know this? I only discovered this fact after attempting to read the book and read some of the reviews.

The story revolves around Penny and James. Their love story has experienced many ups and downs and as the reader, I don't know what the majority of them are. I read this story feeling as though too much was missing and the main character, Penny was neurotic and a bore. This opinion is unfair but then again I found it unfair that I wasted my time trying to get my head around a book, which was never going to give me all of the answers I needed. Would it have been so hard to write before of after the synopsis that this book follows on from another series?

I feel let down and this is the reason for my low rating. I know if I actually read the books which came before this one then my rating might very will be different. I might still do so just to see if this does progress into a series I might like. I will review these fairly further on if I do end up reading them.

I implore the author to make it clear in the future, if the series is following on from another. As a reader I felt lost and unengaged. The characters felt flat and one dimensional.

The review isn't positive but I have read a lot of 5 star reviews for this book. My rating is purely on the way I read the book when I thought it was the first in a series. Having had time to reflect, I am tempted to read the original series to see if my opinion will change when I read the books in the order they were meant to be.

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